Channeling – Not for Gifted People Only

Channeling – Not for Gifted People Only

by Dorit Israel  



If you had a tool, that enables you to improve your life – wouldn't you use it?


If you had a tool, that allows you to get answers to your questions – wouldn't you use it?

If you had a tool, with which you would never feel alone, even if life is not so kind to you – wouldn't you use it?

Channeling is that tool! And what's beautiful about it: everyone can channel, even if they think they are not spiritual.

Channeling no longer belongs only to few gifted people. You don't have to be a "medium" if you want to channel and no one will "enter" your body and deliver his messages through you without your control. In fact, channeling is common and done on a daily basis. We all channel, but we don't refer to it that way.

Have you ever had an intuition about something?

Has the telephone ever ringed and you just knew who was it before you answered?

Do you paint, sculpture, write, compose, invent or even cook creatively? What is that inspiration you have?

Do you dream?

 Have you ever found yourselves talking to yourself when nobody's at home? (Mostly women know well what I'm talking about…).

All of these things are channeling.

Even when you speak to others you channel, but you're doing it consciously. You hear with your outer ears and see with your outer eyes.

And channeling is also, of course, a way of communication between the human being and his higher self, and between him and energetic light-beings. The communication with light-beings is multidimensional, by adjusting the frequencies of the human body to the light-beings' vibration. We "hear" with our inner ears (which, by the way, are placed in our heart) and we see with our inner eyes (some will call that imagination).

Channeling always comes from love and empowerment. The energy that gives us messages is the one of love and you can feel this love if you only want to and ask for it. This love is unconditional and it's not judgmental.

Channeling is a language and everyone has the ability to channel, if he wants to. The will is always the motivator. You need to practice it, of course, just like in any study, any job or any profession. Everyone has got the ability to channel and it is easy to learn. 

In order to channel, you have to trust yourself, to trust your feelings and to trust your clear knowledge. You have to leave your ego aside and to consider only what your heart is telling you. It is possible to learn how to channel and you don't need any previous knowledge or any "spiritual level".

The techniques taught in the "circle of the heart" workshop are varied and experiential: guided imagination, automatic writing, connecting to the higher self (ours and others), meeting the spiritual guides – and more. Everyone will find the techniques that suit him and will be able to improve his life's quality and empower others.

When you go to a channeling meeting, how would you know if the channeling is reliable? Here are some rules:

1.  A true message will always be empowering and uplifting. It will be always based on love and will be never frightening, warning or threatening.

2.  A true message will never ask you to give up your free choice.

3.  A true message will never ask you to give up your beliefs.                

4.  A true message will never represent the channeler as being the only source for the information.

5.  A true message will include new information.

6.  A true message will always give spiritual solutions to the situation.

This is a time of great changes. A wonderful way to deal with them and to use the opportunities that they offer is channeling.

Give yourself this empowering gift and improve your life's quality.  







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