About Dorit Israel


About Dorit Israel


I have gone through many changes in my professional life throughout the years, and it  all lead me to the path where I am walking today; A path with desire, happiness, dancing and joy.

I have a B.A in Accountancy and Economics from Tel-Aviv university. I really enjoyed my studies, but when I started my internship I realized that I cannot find myself there. After two years at home, raising the children, I decided to make my dream come true – and I became a teacher. I loved teaching and loved my students, some of whom I remained in touch with until today.

After nine years of teaching I discovered my writing skills, and realized this was what I wanted to do. I quit the school and became a journalist in "Women's World" Israeli magazine, and an editor and producer in the "Voice of Israel" radio station. Along this period I published two poetry books, ten children's books and a documentary book.

During my work as a journalist I was exposed to a world I had never met before, which is usually called "Mystics". After some reports I wrote I decided to study Reiki and then – the     most significant change in my life happened:

I realized that there are things beyond our perception of life. Things are finitely not only as we think they are, and the reality has more aspects than   we tend to attribute it.

From now on, my life started moving in a different way than I was used to. I fell in love with the energy, discovered my spiritual guides and started channeling.

In the year 2000 I left all of my pervious professions and focused on the path where my desire was: I started teaching channeling seminars, qualifying channeling teachers, healing  people with several energy techniques, and coaching people how to live a better life.

How I met Kryon

In 1998 my sister told me about the Kryon book series, and warmly recommended that I read them. I quickly got myself the first two books that were already published then, and started reading the first book. It lasted 3 chapters, and I put the book away. I told my sister that I couldn't understand what it was talking about, and that it was not for me.

Some months later, my eyes "accidently" landed on the second book. I picked it up, opened it randomly in one of its middle pages and started reading. I liked what I read and continued till I finished it. I then read it again from the beginning, and when I was done, I went back to the first book and read it from a whole different perspective.

Ever since, I fell in love with this amazing being.

In his first book Kryon tells that there are more people that channel him around the world. When I realized that I was not included in that group of channelers, I told myself – there is no such thing as "spiritual-being ownership", and that I want to channel Kryon as well. And so it was. I started asking all kinds of questions – and got the answers.

During one of my meditations, when I started talking with Kryon, a white star appeared. I stood that Kryon sent him, and I started channeling
the white star for several years.

In 2001, Peggie Dubro was in Israel, and I went to study her fabulous healing EMF technique ("Electro-Magnetic Field Balancing Technique"). During the training, as I was lying on the treatment-bed, the white star suddenly appeared again. All of a sudden I heard voices calling "Wedding, wedding, wedding…" and the room was filled with the presence of many spiritual beings. The white star came closer and closer until it entered my body. This was a very exciting and empowering experience, and my eyes were full of tears. At the break-time I asked Peggie if there was a white star in Kryon's entourage, and she approved that. I told her about my experience, and she said that when the spirit meets the physical body – it is the feeling of a wedding.

Ever since, my connection to the white star became stronger. After several months, the white star asked me to sit down and write. I started getting written channeled messages about various subjects.

In 2003 I got a message from the white star, that I should host channeling sessions and channel in front of groups of people. With great enthusiasm I announced that to my friends, and I am having such sessions on a regular basis ever since.

In the same year I got another important message from the white star, saying that I should start teaching channeling. With the guiding of the star, I built a ten-lesson program and started teaching. The flow of students hasn't stopped ever since. In 2006 I built a program for qualifying channeling teachers and started teaching my previous students that wanted to become teachers. The purpose is exposing more and more people to the awareness circle, so they'd be able to know who they really are (Human Angels, of course); And for them to be able to improve their life quality.

Although I channeled a being from Kryon's entourage, the desire to channel Kryon itself only became stronger. I wanted to channel him in front of people and empower them exactly like I was empowered every time I read or heard Lee Carol channels Kryon. (Lee is the original channeler for Kryon). I set my intent and created the reality where I am sitting in front of large groups of people and channel Kryon.


That reality came true.

In 2006 I got a message from Kryon, that in the following channeling session I was about to channel him. You can probably guess that I was thrilled about that. That promise what kept and ever since I am channeling Kryon on a regular basis in every channeling session. Some of these channeling are here on the website.

In the end of 2007 Kryon announced me that he allows me to channel him to people in private sessions. Since January 2008 I am doing such sessions. These are empowering, exciting and moving channelings and Kryon answers questions as well.

In November 2009 I went to Holland to teach channelling. The participants were from Holland and Belgium and after two intensive days they all channeled. After the workshop I stayed for personal channelings with Kryon, which were empowering and moving, as usual.

In September 2010 I was in Belgium for 2 workshops as well as personal channelings with Kryon.

To conclude, I can say that dreams do come true, if there exists the full belief, if there is a will and the intention is being set.

Every one of us can create the reality he wishes for himself!




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