About Happiness


About happiness


Dear ones,

When you live your lives in happiness, you bring your deepest source outside to the world. You walk your way lighter, for happiness is the uprising of the soul and the spirit.


Happiness is the place where god lives.


Happiness makes you act from your deepest place inside. These actions are always the correct ones. Happiness makes you treat yourselves and your surroundings differently. Happiness makes you shine your light on others. Happiness is contagious. When you're happy you raise other people's awareness to their private happiness. You make them treat their lives with a lighter perspective. When you're happy, you raise both yours and the planet's vibration.  


How can we be happy when the world seems to break apart, you ask? We promise you that this isn't so. We encourage you to bring happiness to your difficulty areas, to the places where traps are hidden. How can you do that?

First of all, there is the intention-making. Make an intention to bring happiness to your lives. Make that intention from your deepest place inside. Make an intention to feel happiness in every single moment. Make an intention to remember that feeling, so you'd be able to reconstruct it whenever you like.

After making the intention, say to yourselves sentences and thoughts, that make you feel happy. Repeat it several times a day, like a mantra. Do it especially when you feel the opposite feelings. 


Remember that happiness is the place where god lives inside you.


When you live your life in happiness, you live in harmony with yourselves and others. You bring balance to your bodies and your atmosphere. Be aware of the happiness. Be aware to the importance of living in happiness. Make the intentions and you will see an immense improvement in your life-quality.


Remember that your planet is making steps towards progressing into higher vibration levels and towards rising into higher dimensions. Isn't that enough to bring happiness to your hearts?


We encourage you to be happy and celebrate. Find a reason, even the smallest or simplest one, and celebrate. Every day. Every hour. Happiness is the right place to be at.


We bless you.

Be blessed,

For so you are.





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