About The Strengh



About the Strength


Dear ones,

Each and every one of you holds a great power inside himself, even if he doesn't think so. Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you forget about it.

Everyone has the ability to create miracles. Miracles don't come from God. A miracle is every wonderful deed you create and bring to your life.

You are the miracles' owners. The universe is the tool that supports you and helps you to make them come true, but the universe does not own the miracles.

When you make an intention you push the energy to create miracles. Your strength is expressed by your ability to bring them to your lives.

You can heal yourselves if you only believe and want that to happen.

You can draw abundance to your lives if you only use your strength.

When there is a will, there is a way.

Nothing holds you, but yourselves. Even in difficult periods, believe in your ability to create changes. Knowing that you are capable is what creates the change. Making the intention – will speed it up.

 Every one of you, even if he's not aware of that, is creating miracles in his life. It may seem a coincidence. It may be addressed to as "good luck". But it is neither coincidence nor good luck. It is an expression of the strength which is hidden inside you. Be aware of it and use it. Let your power push forward your will and make it come true. Do not hide inside yourselves. Open up to yourselves and to your surroundings. Open up to the universe and feel how it supports you. Once you understand the power is under your control, inside yourselves, and in your reach – you can create the miracles even more often.

You are the miracle. You are the miracles' creators. Give yourselves the space and create miracles in it day after day, small ones and big ones. For there is no obstacle that can hold a human's will.  The will is the motive.

Feel the strength of the will and move forward with it in the path you have chosen. It's all up to you.

You are blessed,

And so it is.





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