The Circle of the Heart Activities


Group-Channeling Sessions

There are monthly group-channeling sessions in my house in Yehud. These sessions include a lecture about channeling and how each and every one of us can channel, short personal-readings for the guests and a Kryon channeling. 

These sessions can be held in different places for minimum 10 participants.

A Personal Kryon Channeling

Kryon has given his permission for giving personal channelings to people.

This special channeling is very experiential and empowering, and its ending with Kryon answers your questions.


The Circle of the Heart Channeling Course

  • This course includes 11 weekly meetings of about 3 hours each. Several techniques are taught, such as: guided visualization, connecting to your higher-self, automatic writing, character analysis through photos and more. In addition methods for self healing are taught and answers are given regarding questions such as: who are we? What is our designation? Why are we here?

         This is a very experiential course and it holds as a personal

         life - coaching.

  • This course has a short weekend version, for groups of people abroad, in which all the main channeling techniques are taught and experienced.

Channeling Teachers Training

This course is aimed for channelers, who finished the channeling course and want to gain more techniques and teach others. It lasts for 8 months, with weekly meetings of 3-4 hours each. In this course several topics are taught thoroughly: Guided visualization, Past life regression, facing out fears, dreams and their solutions, working with energy and light, Chakras and opening them and more. This course is followed by an internship, and in its ending – a personal Kryon channeling.



A new and innovative technique which heals all the aspects of the body, opens the body for the new and powerful energy and allows you more powerful creation of your reality. In addition, this technique intensifies your channeling and makes it much more precise.


Guided Visualization Workshop

This workshop is meant for understanding processes we go through, solving problems and for healing. It includes 5 weekly meetings of 2-3 hours each. The workshop is for 5-15 participants. It can be held in different places in the country.

Past life regression

If you'd like to know what affects your patterns of behavior or your daily fears; if you'd like to examine relationships or just curious to know who you have been – you can come to past life regression meetings that will help you understand.

A Variety of Personal Energy-Treatments


EMF – Balancing the Electromagnetic Field

A method developed by Peggy Dubro, which cleans, balances and opens the body and the person to his full potential. The treatment consists of four one-hour meetings and includes a scanning of the body's energy field.

Reiki and Healing

A treatment aimed for both the physical and the mental body: balancing and giving potential space for healing.

Guided Visualization

A treatment for mental and physical healing, understanding processes, solving personal problems and more. Can be combined with healing.






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