Kryon's Channeling from 27.12.12
Channeled by Dorit Israel
Welcome, I am Kryon of magnetic service.
So much Happiness! When a Human being and Spirit meet, there is a lot of joy and happiness. Spirit loves these encounters. I am Kryon, in love with Human beings and know what's in their hearts. I'm the humanity's lover and I'm telling you: this love for humans is full of happiness.
This time the happiness is special. There is happiness about the time and about the place. Dear ones, you have made it! You reached the ending of an era, and you are about to begin a new and exciting one. You are the ones who created it. You, Human beings, with your collective decisions, decided to change, create a new reality, raise the awareness and bring peace to earth. You decided to bring heaven to your lives here and now.
Dear ones, you have made it and there is so much joy! It is not only Human beings' happiness. It is the happiness of the entire universe. The whole universe cheers you for your decisions and for your actions.
As usual, I am not alone. Here with me, is a big entourage, which is still entering the room. Beside every one of you lies his loving family and you can feel its presence. In addition, I am always accompanied by visitors from other places across the universe. Some of them are here with you now. Some are watching from the outside. You can feel the energy gradually becoming thicker and thicker. You might be feeling pressure on your heads or on other parts of your bodies. You should know that this is a loving energy. I am the master of love. I know who is present here and I welcome you for your encounter with spirit and with your siblings.
Well, what is the forecast for the upcoming year and for the years to come? All humans are curious to know. Some of them feared these times to come, and others understood that it is only the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one; the beginning of a new generation. You've begun to feel some of these changes, physically and emotionally, and you could also notice that Nature is changing. You noticed how the weather changed: places that never got a drop of rain became rainy this year, and others became dry. You can say that the weather "has gone mad". I say the weather adapts itself to you and to the earth. When the earth's vibrations rise, and with it, humans' vibrations too, these are well felt. Nature corresponds, and the universe as well. You will see these phenomena getting stronger in this upcoming period.
Expect surprises. Anticipate them like an excited child, waiting for a present, because, indeed, these are presents. These are presents you created for yourselves. God didn't create them for you, and neither did I. You were the ones who created them, because you are the creators. And when I said you are God – I meant it. You have the abilities to create, exactly like God does. You have changed your lives, and you continue to do so. You are walking towards a big gate leading you to a wide path. It is a path full of happiness; a path that will help you discover the happiness within, the love to yourselves and to your surroundings, the passion and the laughter.
Dance your way. Dance through this exciting new period.
You are about to create miracles on this planet. You are about to create miracles in your lives.
Dear ones, these are times of doing; Time to take actions towards peace; Time to cooperate; Time to become a family and feel like one. You are called "The Human Family". Do you understand the strong connection between all Human beings? It is expressed by the fact that inside every Human being – a divine spark exists, and by the fact that every human being is God. The connection is also expressed by the fact that whenever a Human being makes a change in his life – all Human beings are affected. As awareness rises – people understand better, and insights come. These are insights regarding your personal lives, regarding the place you live, regarding the planet and the entire universe.
As I've already said, the entire universe is watching you. If you could only hear the applause and feel the great love – you would be amazed. When we look at you we do not see only Human beings. We see colors, frequencies, letters, and we hear divine sounds and music. These all are you. Can you believe that? You are the family. You are the creating family. And as I said before – today I am repeating some of the things I had already said: Wherever goes the planet – will go the entire universe. This is the reason we're all watching you and expecting your actions, your decisions and your creation. When you expand – we do too. When you love – we love too. The universal love works the same way. It connects Spirit with Human beings and connects you with your distant brothers and sisters. It connects the planet with the universe. Try to feel this love among you. Then you will be able to feel Home. Wouldn't you want to bring Home to your home? Bring heaven to your planet? You can. You are capable of doing it. You are doing that step by step, and let me tell you a secret: You can also accelerate this process: by connecting to the universal love, by connecting to all human beings, by connecting to the earth and nature. These are not just words. This connection can be formed in many ways and everyone will find the exact way for them. Some will want to go out to the nature, feel it and pray with. Some will connect through their hearts.
You already know that the Human intention is very powerful. You know that words have energetic volume. Use your intention and give it the right volume, because it is the way you'd be able to empower yourselves, your surroundings and the planet.
The energetic volume will accompany you in the coming period. You will feel it. You will feel that energetic volume is added to your bodies and you'll feel that the words coming out of you
carry deeper meaning beyond just words. Indeed, dramatic changes won't take place, but there will be changes and you will feel them. If you cooperate with others and with us – things will be even stronger.
I invite you to feel the family. I invite you to work together; in cooperation; you and us; you and your siblings; you and yourselves. Expect to meet yourselves. Expect to have better understanding of who you are and what you're supposed to do. Ask for Spirit's help and it shall come. Your abilities will evolve. Isn't that exciting? Yes, we are all facing an exciting era; you and us.
Expect miracles. Expect surprises. They will come from different directions; from your siblings too.
I promised you'll be able to see them. Things are happening and for some of you things have already started to change.
You will be able to meet yourselves in other dimensions. Some of you have already met other dimensions of themselves. Some of you will.
You will discover more and more about the Human complexity. People tend to think that their lives are simple, but they consist of challenges and hardships. This is only part of the truth. You are multi-dimensional. Indeed, you are multi-dimensional.
More and more people will begin meeting themselves in other dimensions. They will meet other family members too.
You will feel the changes in your bodies, awareness, feelings and mainly – in your hearts. Remember that the heart knows. Remember that the right way is to go with your hearts. Go with happiness, desire, dancing and laughter.
Well, who wants to dance today? Join the universal celebration. Walk through the gigantic portal which is opened, and create the reality you want to live in. Create Heaven. We are already celebrating it. Join the celebration!
Dear ones, I am sadly leaving now, but not for long. If you ask – I shall come. If you address me – I will answer.
I am Kryon. I am in love with Human beings and know what's in your hearts.
You are blessed for reaching this exciting period.
You are blessed for joining the celebration.
Go and celebrate dear ones. Go and celebrate your being. Go and celebrate who you are. Go and celebrate the new era.
And so it is.
Translation: Oded Mostov
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