A Kryon Channeling in a Special Evening in Suzanne Dallal Center:

"When Kryon meets Adama" – 28.12.2011

Channeled by Dorit Israel


Welcome, I am Kryon of magnetic service.

Dear ones, celebration is already here. You are home. The energy you feel at the moment is your loving family, which is here with you, surrounding you, seated on your knees, touching your heads. Allow yourselves to feel this energy.

A great entourage is here with me tonight. Guests who came to witness the miracle you are creating on planet Earth. Yes, each and every one of you is creating this miracle: in his own life, in his surroundings and on the entire planet. I have said before: wherever goes the planet – will go the entire universe. The ones who change the life on this planet are you. If so, wherever

You go – the entire universe will follow.

Remember who you are and what your essence is. Remember what your purpose is.

I know who is here tonight, and I know what is in your hearts. I know that many of you ask themselves: why did I come here? Why am I surrounded with all of these things in my life? What is my purpose here? So many questions flood your hearts. I will give you answers to those questions. You came here this time to be. You came to be part of the change. You are the change!

The family who is here tonight is your ancient family: your brothers and sisters from Lemuria. I share respect to those who are here: to my siblings and to the people who came here with a target to create a miracle; to create the miracle of existence; To create the miracle of the Universe.


I am Kryon, in love with human beings. I like to be called "humanity's lover". I am in love with you because I can see the potential. I know where you are heading to, even if you cannot see nor know it. The potential is great and mighty. You are on the verge of an exciting period.

I have said before that the Earth is giving birth to itself. I have said that these are its last labors. Dear ones, the new Earth is already here. You could all feel the change during the last month. You could sense your own feelings soaring and bursting. You could feel that your bodies feel different than before. You could feel that "something is changing in the air". The reason for that is that the new earth is here. It vibrates in higher frequencies, and you, dear ones, vibrate with it. Did you feel your frequency leap? Did you feel how it affected your bodies? How it expanded your awareness? Did you feel yourselves physically expanding without being able to explain what is it all about?

Well, if you asked yourselves what awaits us in 2012 and in the years to come, the answer is – expanding; expanding of the body and the human awareness. Yes, your physical body is getting wider. It will be able to contain greater energy and more soul pieces.

The main change will be change of awareness. Have you already felt that? The change won't be drastic. You are not bound to have days of darkness. You will not stay in your houses. The contrary – you shall go out, dance through your heart's happiness and through your passion. This is the path you are going to walk through; a path full of happiness, passion, laughter and dance – and mainly – love. Love is the keyword.


"But Kryon, we are looking at what's going on around us. Where can this love be found?"  Indeed, I know what's in your hearts and in the hearts of those who surround you, and mainly in the hearts of those whose awareness hasn't awoken yet. They see the eruptions of evil and the extremists and think: "We are going to doom." But you, who carry out your light, you know otherwise. You know that where there exists light – there is no darkness, and where there is love, there exists no fear. The last "sparkles" of darkness, are the last "sparkles" of fear. (Kryon intentionally uses this oxymoron). The fear floods and rises in order to be released.


I have said before that you shall see social changes – and you saw them. I have said that you will see the peace – and you can already feel it even if you can't see it yet. You already know that energy works in mysterious ways, and that things are not the way they look like. If so, you must understand that the energy works with you and for yours and the entire humanity's highest cause. It does so because you wanted that, you chose that and you made that change happen. Dear Lemurians, remember that you are the lighthouses and you are the ones who shine the way for the ships in the seas, even when it's dark and stormy. Sometimes you are the only light source around, but this is the light which shows the way. Therefore, do not hesitate, and spread your light. Do not let feelings other than love, hide your light.


I am, Kryon, in love with human beings and know them. I am aware of the variety of feelings you have and for that too – I love you. I have never been in a body and the only feeling I know is love. The variety of feelings: worries, guilt and anger, I can see and sometimes experience, only through you. Your power is by being aware and releasing the feelings that don't serve you.

 When did you last talk to your DNA? When did you last talk to your bodies?

I encourage you to do so and ask your DNA to release each and every emotion, experience or memory that doesn't serve you, or not in line with your highest cause. You'd be able to feel the change. Your DNA hears, knows, remembers and acts according to your explicit intention!


Dear ones, remember where you are heading to. Remember that the way is wide, enlightened and it shall open up more and more. If you connect to your source, if you connect to your light, if you connect to the universal love – you'd be able to know truly who you are.


Have you ever wondered how do you look like from the spirit's perspective?

When you look at each other you see human beings. We see Angles. Human Angels! We see the light, the colors, the frequencies and the voices that humans can neither see nor hear. We know who you are. Do you know who you are? We are in love with you. Are you in love with yourselves too? When have you last said to yourselves: "I love myself?" Dear ones, love will lead you through your way in the following years. Connect to your inner source, to your divine source, to the pure love; Love that doesn't differ between human beings. It is the one that connects hearts, it is the one that connects you to God and it is the one to remind you why you chose to come here this time.


I am Kryon. I know who you are and what is in your hearts. I know each and every one of you by his divine name. We've met many times before and we shall meet in the future. When we last met, when I sent you here, I asked you if you know towards what you are going. You said: "Yes. I know. I know I won't remember but I promise to remember along the way." Well, even if it seems that your lives are challenging and difficult – Are you able to raise your point of view? Can you see that the energy works in cooperation with you and God works with you? Can you rise above the hardships and the challenges? Can you connect to yourselves and love yourselves? Humans find it easier to love others than themselves…


True peace can come to this planet only through universal and unconditional love. This is the only way you will be able to continue in your way and create miracles in your lives. Step by step. Change after change.

If you had only known how much Spirit loves you; If you knew that the loving family is there to support you – your hearts would be over flooded. We are all in love with you and the guests who came from far away are expectedly looking at you to see the next change you are going to make.


Remember that you are blessed.

And so it is.






Translation: Oded Mostov









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