For the Miracles and the Wonders

For the Miracles and the Wonders
A Kryon Channeling – 25.12.08
Channeled by Dorit Israel, the Hebrew channeler for Kryon
Greetings,  I am Kryon of magnetic service.
Dear ones, I know who you are.
Dear ones, I know what you came here for.
Dear ones, I know who you were.
Do you know who am I?
I am Kryon, the humanity's lover. I am Kryon, in-love with human beings.
I am Kryon. We know each other; we met before and we shall meet again. I am the one who sends you here, and I am the one who welcomes you on your way back. For that – I know who you are. And as usual, I am not alone here. There is a big entourage with me. There is a loving family here with me; a family that came especially for you. A family that came to say: We love you. You'd be able to feel the family's energy if you let yourselves. You'd be able to feel the pressure and the tingling; you can feel it – if you let yourselves.
We came here to love you. We came to tell you that you're not alone. You are never alone.
You are on the threshold of a new magical and exciting era. You are starting an era full of miracles. Are you ready for that? Do you know what do you want? Are you certain about the potentials you are headed to? If your answers are positive, you should know that your way is going to be full of miracles. If your answers are negative, you should know that you are about to find the way. This upcoming year (2009) will be characterized in fulfillment of new beginnings. Whoever planted seeds of new beginnings, will see new plants, and experience personal growth this year.
You've all planted seeds, whether you're aware of that or not. This is a year of growth. It will grow miracles.                                                                                        
I want to remind you, and maybe, for those of you who haven't heard, tell you something your scientists already know. Your planet is going towards an event; an event that can be called an "establishing event" or a "fundamental event". The scientists are talking about this event, but they cannot tell exactly what it is. If you check the tool you call "Internet" and keep track of what's going on in the universe, you will discover that there are eruptions on your sun. These are energy eruptions. This energy flows from the sun towards your planet, and when it arrives, it raises the planet's vibration. This causes the arising of all people's vibration as well. Whoever cannot adjust to this new vibration, will collapse.
This energy comes from the light. It shines over all darkness. When you examine your economics and see the current state, where gigantic firms collapse and break apart, you should know that those who won't survive this crisis are the ones who used dark ways. No integrity, no honesty. Those who will pass safely through this crisis are the companies which values of honesty and integrity are parts of their vision.
This follows through human beings as well. People who won't enable themselves to adjust to the new higher planet's vibration, will collapse as well. Whoever works in dark ways – will collapse.
The "event" as your scientists call it, is about to take place. The potential for that has existed for many years, and we've mentioned that many times before. The potential for 2012 is en-lighted more than ever. This potential is realistic more than ever. This upcoming year will prove that we are headed to that potential.
You are in a situation where future processes cannot be predicted. You cannot examine your past, make conclusions and predict the future. You have changed the rules. Dear ones, you are those who changed the rules. You create your reality step by step, second by second. You are those who create the miracles. You are those who make the change. You are the creators.
 You are God.
You are capable of doing everything and we watch you full of pride. We look at you, admire, love and support you. The things that are happening on this planet now have been never predicted before. Why is that? You changed the rules! You live today in a world with no rules. You create new rules, step by step, seconds by second. And the beautiful thing is – you can change them whenever you want. You can wake up one day to some reality, and the day after – change it completely.
 We invite you to work with the light. We invite you to know who you are.
I am Kryon. I know who you are. Do you?
Your sun, the wonder that gives life to this planet - do you know what is it? Do you know what happens inside it? I don't think so, and I am going to tell you a secret: Your scientists don't know either. They can see a partial portion of the things, but not the entire picture. They cannot know the whole picture, nor understand it.
Your sun is a portal of energy. It is a gate to the other part of the universe. This gate connects you with those who are in the other side. Can you imagine the other side? What if I told you that in the other side, an amazing process is happening at this very moment? A new planet earth is being built. In this planet life will exist, exactly like life exists here. There will be differences. Evolutional processes will be faster there. Does this idea seem reasonable to you? Logical? You should know that this is true. I have mentioned before, that you, lightworkers, can be involved in this reality while living. You are capable of being active in separate realities. You can use your inter-dimensional abilities and serve as spiritual guides, while alive, for those who will live on the other planet. How does this sound? Is it possible? I assure you it is. 
You have turned inter-dimensional. You have raised your vibration and raised the planet's vibration as well. You are capable of doing that, and whoever wants – will do it. Isn't that a wonderful thing?
I am telling you these things only to give you more hints as to what you can do on this planet, while alive.
If so, why don't you start by helping yourselves? Why don't you start by healing yourselves? Why don't you put yourselves in the center, so you'd be able to care for the others?
Be who you are. Be the reality creators. Be the miracle makers. Be inter-dimensional, because you already are.
I am leaving you now, but not for long. My entourage will remain here for a while. We shall not leave without saying that we love you and admire you.
And so it is.
Translation: Oded Mostov
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