From slavery to Freedom




From slavery to Freedom

A Kryon Channeling - 19.03.09

Channeled by Dorit Israel, the Hebrew channeler for Kryon


Greetings, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

This name no longer covers my essence and designation. It is better to say: I am Kryon, the humanity's lover. I am Kryon, in love with human-beings.

Well, let's start again: Greetings, I am Kryon, the humanity's lover.

Here with me is a big and loving entourage. You can feel its energy. Next to each and every one of you there is a loving family, which came to hug, love, and whisper in your ear: you are never alone. I know that you can feel this energy. I know who is here and I know who reads these words - later, in your time scale, but now – in my time scale. Whoever reads it now would be able to feel the energy as well. It will pop-up from each word and letter. I know who's reading these words at this very moment.

I am Kryon. I am part of God's energy and God knows everything.

Do you feel something different in this period of time? Well, I'll say what my channeler loves to say: "You can blame the energy". The energy will "carry the guilt" for that. Things are happening beneath the surface, and you already know that things are not really the way they look like. Things are happening, and they can be distinguished only from our point of view. They can be seen only from different perspective. Most of the people lack this perspective, but I can tell you – things are happening.

Does it make you scared? Does it make you happy? Are you looking forward to what is about to happen? I encourage you to be like a child waiting enthusiastically for an upcoming surprise. Feel like a child feeling that everything is possible, that he can do anything. Do you feel that way? Do you know that you are capable of doing everything too?

I am Kryon. I know who is here in front of me, and I know who's reading these words at this very moment. And I am asking you: believe in that, for this is the truth. This is the truth.

I'd like to talk with you today about freedom. About moving from slavery to freedom.

All throughout the history of mankind, you can read about people who were enslaved and eventually liberated. I'll give you two examples, you must be familiar with: First, your people, who were slaves in Egypt and were liberated. The second one – In a place called America, a war liberated the black people who were slaves (Kryon is referring to the civil war). What happens to a person that goes from slavery to freedom? What does he do with the feeling of freedom that fills his body?

In most cases he doesn't know what to do, he got into an emotional turmoil, and he is in chaos. He goes from the familiar to the unpredicted. See your own people. What happened to them when they were liberated? Same chaos. Forty years had to pass until a new generation was born and matured, a generation that knew no slavery. This is the generation that entered the holy land. See what happened to the black people of America. See how long it took until a black leader was chosen. A leader that knew no slavery. What processes had to happen until this wonder could take place? And many indeed thought that is was a wonder. When people come back from captivity, similar things happen to them as well. It is difficult to get used to the freedom and a transition period is required to be able to use all the strength of this freedom.

Why am I discussing this matter? Because you, Jewish people, are close to the period you will celebrate the transition from slavery to liberation, from enslavement to freedom.

I'd like to address each one of you personally now. Do you feel you are enslaved in some aspects of your lives? Slaves to some habits, to your job, superstitions, or some thoughts?  The human being doesn't always call it enslavement. He doesn't call his habits that way, nor does he call his sacrifice to his family in that manner. If you think about it for a moment, you will discover that so it is. Many are the people who are enslaved. Wouldn't you be happy to get released from this enslavement? Wouldn't you be glad to release some of your habits? Are you that used to them, so you think they are a part of your destiny? Do you love so much, so you think you have to sacrifice yourselves for the ones you love?

Sacrifice is not love. Habits are not love. Fear is not love.

I am asking you: Do you have the courage, the strength and the will to get released from the slavery you've accepted upon yourselves? Because, you know, the enslavement holds you. It buries you in a pit, even if you're not aware of that. Wouldn't you like to live out of freedom and opportunity? Knowing that everything is possible? If it is so, think about the places that hold you back. Think about the habits that hold you back. Think about what you call "destiny". "This is my destiny and there is nothing to do about it". "I was sentenced to this destiny". Do you know these expressions?

I tell you that there is nothing such as your absolute destiny, and everything, dear ones, is changeable. You own the free choice. You own the control of your life. Whoever is enslaved to his habits – does not control his life. Whoever sacrifices himself – does not control his life. And whoever doesn't allow himself the free choice, should ask himself whether he's happy or not. Is this the life he wished for himself, or is there an alternative? I encourage you to release the habits and the old thoughts and adopt the perspective of freedom.  

There is a "but" here: as I said before, the transition period is very confusing. As soon as you let go of all the restrictions, loose the habits and the old thoughts and decide not to be a victim any longer – your life will never look the same. Your life can pretend to be a total mess at first, a big confusion. This is a transition period.

If you decide you can make a change in your life, if you believe you can create your reality, this period will pass quickly. And then, you'd be able to feel the freedom. Then, you will be able to feel the liberation. And then, everything will be really open for you, every option possible, and things that you used to consider as your destiny – will change their appearance, change their shape or completely disappear. The question you should ask yourselves is: how do I want to live my life? Do I want to make the best out of my life, or live with limits and restrictions?

Dear ones, the choice is yours. Remember what happens to whoever releases himself from slavery: He can become the president (Referring to Obama), can own a country (Jewish people), and he can decide crucial decisions, which can change his life.

How would you imagine your life? This is the question you should ask yourselves before the holiday you call "holiday of freedom" (referring to Passover).

I was talking about the different energy. It is different because it is the energy of change. Can you feel this energy in the air? I wish to tell you a secret: every change you're going to make in your life in this period will be much easier – this time without "blaming the energy". The energy will support you in every decision you are going to make, because this is a very special and meaningful period. This energy supports new beginnings and changes, and every change is for the best, even if it doesn't seem like it.  And I'll tell you another secret: you can always change the change… For you have the free choice. It is all up to you.

Do you want to make a change in your lives? Do you want to make a change in your planet? This is the time. This is the right time to step out from slavery to freedom, from enslavement to liberty, from darkness to light. Slavery is a dark state and freedom is the state of light. Slavery is a state of fear and freedom is a state of love. You have the choice: darkness or light, fear or love, slavery or freedom. These are the options for you to choose from, and the energy will support either of your choices.

I am Kryon, humanity's lover, telling you these things with big love and great respect for who you are. I know who you are. I know what's in your hearts. I am part of God and God knows everything.


And so it is.




 Translation: Oded Mostov




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