HOPE technique

The HOPE is a new and innovative technique which created by Dorit Israel and Spirit.
 It heals all the aspects of the body, opens the body for the new and powerful energy and enables the person a powerful creation of reality. In addition, this technique intensifies the channeling and makes it much more precise, and for healers – it intensifies the healings abilities.
HOPE examines the person's electromagnetic field and awakes asleep patterns within it. This encourages changes in all of the body's aspects – both physical and emotional.
The HOPE is short, efficient and makes miracles in one's life.
The technique can be done for individuals or groups of people. It had already been practiced for people in Israel and abroad with great results.
HOPE has two phases: the basic step, which is aimed for everyone, and the advanced step, which is aimed for people with high vibrational level. At the basic step you get tools for healing people with the technique, including distant-healing.
Since March 2011 I am teaching the basic step of the technique and train new practitioners of HOPE. This course is aimed for people, who know how to work with energy, know how to connect to spiritual guidance, and who have already gone through the basic HOPE initiation. People who have gone through the advanced one will be preferred.
This course contains 6-7 meetings, and in small groups of 3-5 people. Think HOPE is for you? Please contact me here on the website.
From people who recommend:
 Hello Dorit,
I have gone through the HOPE initiation a month ago. Ever since I am lively and energetic as I've never been. HOPE brought me back to feel much younger. I started to notice I am much more concentrated at office, in addition to my memory which improved a great deal. This makes me so happy after the great sorrow I felt being destined to age mentally and physically too soon. Generally, every field in my life I wish to create new reality within has become clearer and enlightened. Things do come true! My channelings have become more tuned and well-directed when I choose to channel. They are much more precise and accurate. I am guided by the light-beings, which are the ones who brought me to you to go through this wonderful treatment, so I can be exposed to higher light vibrations.
I want to thank you for giving the time, patience, and for enlightening important things for me. Thanks for the simple tips that helped me improve my life.
With love,
Anat Shaltiel
Ever since you treated me with HOPE my energies have rose up, and the fatigue that I had these past months disappeared.  I am much more vital! In addition, the treatments I give are much more powerful. Last week I sent light and healing energy to a sick child in intensive care. I asked the energy to come and work in synchronicity with the child's divine will. The child was out of danger that very night. The doctors were amazed because they were very pessimistic. The HOPE energy did this work.
The initiation created a treatment that works on inner aspects of the person. It recalls things that are kept away from the conscious, aspects from the person's past and childhood – and treats them.
Thank you and the HOPE energy. No doubt that it's powerful and does a splendid work.
Zvia Cohen-Zedek
Dear Dorit,
Thank you for the HOPE initiation you gave me two weeks ago. I know that healing is healing – and it doesn't matter how you name it – But things have changed immensely since I went through HOPE. Until two weeks ago I used to work with clients by opening my palms and feeling pointed energy in its middle. Now I feel I need to close my palm and I sense that every finger points a light beam 20 cm long. I aim those beams to the patient's body. My treatments have become much shorter and the reactions are stronger. Channeling also opened up for me after HOPE, I am willing to do it, and take my time to sit, and write my channelings.
Lots of love,
Ruth Webb-Krill
 Amazing Dorit,
I went through HOPE a couple of weeks ago. As a healer who knows many treatment methods, I wasn't really full of belief about this new method.
During the initiation I felt very calm and soothed. I felt something was going on around my back, but the true magic began happening the following days. Ever since the initiation beautiful and special things began to happen. I feel a strong connection to my soul and destiny, new ideas come to me, and things begin to move in my life. Simply – I am happier and more energetic, and apparently the treatments I give to people are more effective.
The last thing happened as I was writing these lines, in amazing synchronization.  A 76 year-old lady came to me some hours ago with a sore back. It was tensed and she used to walk bended. After going through HOPE, the lady started walking straight, and she let me know I helped her a lot.
So thank you so much and thanks to the wonderful energies, also for the enlightening conversation we had after the initiation.
Shirley Ben-Yehonatan

Dear Dorit,
I woke up today fully renewed after the HOPE initiation. The treatment affected my father as well. He has dementia and is always nervous. Today he was singing and talking with a good mood. I felt emotionally relieved and managed to release anger towards people who had hurt me before, and send light to them. Today I understood that I am creating happier life for me by doing that, and helping them too. This was difficult for me before, but now I am able to let go and move on. It's like a stone off my heart. My healing powers have grown stronger and I help my daughter to relax and solve digestive problems. My healing helped immediately.
It's much easier for me to sit down and write. I can concentrate and do it without mistakes or corrections. I feel re-born, clear from tension or worries I used to have all the time.
I am happy I listened to Spirit that aimed me to come to you. I thank and bless both you and Spirit.
Bless you,
Ravit Yahalom
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