I am that I am - a story of a boy



I am that I am – a story of a boy

A Kryon channel from 24.11.2011

Channeled by Dorit Israel


Welcome, I am Kryon of magnetic service.

Dear ones, celebration is already here. You can call it in different names. I may suggest "Marker's celebration", "Vibrational celebration" or "Celebration of Time", maybe "Celebration of transition" – but it's already here. We all celebrate with Human-Beings the rising of awareness, consciousness, memory and remembering. I know who I'm talking to and I know that all of you, including the readers – do remember. Bits and sparkles of memory arise and develop, enter and exit the heart. Both knowledge and the anticipation exist in the hearts of many.

You may probably feel that I'm not alone here. You can surely feel the loving energy. Loving family is here, distant brothers and sisters are here. A big entourage is here with me. This entourage is here to watch what's happening and what is yet to take place, together with you. As you already know, from the spirit's perspective – everything is happening now, and everything is already here. You can feel the presence of the energy of anticipation, energy of excitement and regeneration. Each and every one of you may feel that physically, in your bodies, and mainly in your hearts.


Today I'd like to tell you a story.

The story is about a boy who lived in a different time and in a distant place. He lived in a village of farmers. His father used to go to the fields every day and the boy loved joining him. He loved working the land but more than that – he loved lying over the ground, listening to it and feeling it. He actually felt that the earth was speaking to him. He would sometimes have conversations with the earth.

One day, while lying on the ground, the boy saw a big and beautiful angel, with great white spectacular wings. The angel looked at him, smiled to him, gave him a hand and invited him to fly with him. The boy didn't hesitate for a moment. He grasped the angel's hand and they started flying. The boy felt the wind caressing his face, looked around from up-high at the views and landscapes he loved so much. Great happiness and love flooded his heart. He didn't care at all where they were flying to. He didn't even ask about it. He just enjoyed the way, the feeling of freedom and space, from the wide vision the height gave him, and trusted the angel to lead him to where they were supposed to go. The angel looked at the boy and smiled – he knew why he had chosen him.

All of a sudden, the boy found himself in a big pretty garden. It had trees, flowers, rivers and waterfalls. The boy looked around, his heart flooded himself to his limit and he started crying. He could still feel the angel holding his hand.

The angel led him through the garden's paths till they arrived at a huge structure. The boy had never seen such a structure. It was built from shiny marble with golden dots shining from it. The boy looked at the angel, but the angel smiled and explained nothing. He led him into the structure. The boy's eyes were blinded with a great light when he got inside. He couldn't even see the light's source. He closed his eyes and allowed the angel to continue leading him. And then stood the angel and said: "Son, open your eyes". The boy opened his eyes and saw what he had often seen in his dreams: a big chair with a bright enlightened figure sitting on it. He was sure he just met God. The figure signed the boy to come closer and sit on its knees. With great respect climbed the boy the chair and sat on what he thought were God's knees. A strange feeling surrounded him. He felt as if he was merging with the figure. He felt his body growing and filling the whole chair, and he was the one sitting on the chair. He then saw the light bursting from his own body.


All of a sudden he heard someone's calling his name. He opened his eyes and saw his father standing beside him. The father looked worried. Many times he called the son's name and he didn't respond. "Where have you been?" asked the father. He answered: "Father, I don't know where I've been but I do know who I am". His father helped him to stand up and said: "Son, now both of us know who you are."


Dear ones, do you understand the meaning of the story I just told you? Do you know that every one of you is exactly this boy? Do you let yourselves enjoy your ride and indulge it without focusing only on the target? Do you know that only when you enjoy the ride you fulfill your destiny? For only then, you can show others their potentials. Whoever is focused only on the target and ignores the beauty of the way towards it, cannot see how beautiful his life is. Let yourselves be this boy and enjoy your ride.

Do you let yourselves raise your point of view, your perspective, and see the wider picture? Or are you obsessed with your daily lives without looking aside?

Do you know what that garden this boy reached is? And what is the chair he saw? I know who I'm talking to. I know that you know. I am just reminding you that this is Home, and God is you.

Let yourselves become God and feel the love towards human-beings, towards animals, towards nature and towards the planet.

Let yourselves feel the earth and listen to it, because it talks to you. It has what to tell. It has been here for many periods. And so are you – old souls.

Dear Lemurians, do you remember who you are? Do you feel the whole universe's excitement? Do you expect the miracle which is about to take place?

Let yourselves become God. Let yourselves enjoy the ride. Let yourselves just be. Because by being yourselves you enlighten others and show them the way. By being present you feel God and know everything is opened to you and that you create your reality.

Excitement is big. Celebration is already here.

Expect surprises. Wait for them with love. Connect to your inner child and to his joy, when he anticipates surprises. I promise you – things you didn't anticipate are about to happen.

Be the boy from the story. Do what you came here to do. Remember that you are dearly loved and surrounded by love every single moment. The entire universe awaits what you have to say and do, and the potential is big and mighty.

I bless you, dear ones, for reaching the beginning of the way… You have reached the new world. You did what you had planned. You kept what you had promised.

I am Kryon, in love with human beings more than I was. I am in love with each and every one of you, because I know what's in your hearts, because I know who you are and I remember our last talk before I sent you here. Do you remember?

Enjoy the ride, dear ones.

And so it is.





Translation: Oded Mostov





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