just imagine


Just Imagine – A journey through memory       

Kryon's channelling from 25.4.13              

Channeled by Dorit Israel                   

(The channeling was previewed by Meirav Gold's singing)

Greetings, I am Kryon ofmagnetic service.                

Dears ones, let's go on a journey. 

It's a journey that crosses borders, places, time and space. Let's go on a journey to memory, a journey of remembering, a journey to who you really are. The singing of remembering revived your ancient memory. Let's use it here together; you and me; you and us. You already know that I'm not alone.I come with a great entourage that has been here for a while, and is waiting patiently and lovingly to its turn. To our turn. The turn of spirit…. If so, you and us are here tonight in the energy of love; the energy of spirit.

Imagine you are standing on a high mountain; the highest mountain on this planet. Imagine you are spreading your arms. Imagine you are close to God, united with God and with all that is. Imagine the whole world in your palms. Feel it. Feel peaceful and quiet. Feel the love of home.  Feel the union and unity of one with all that is. 

This is a journey through memory. It is a journey into the DNA and its multidimensional aspects; a journey to your multidimensional abilities; a journey of remembering and memory.

Well, just imagine…Imagine yourselves… Feel who you are…

Feel that the whole world is in your palms, and when you feel it – Do you feel that you can do everything? Create everything? Change what needs changing and adopt the path of love, happiness, desire, laughter and dance? Imagine yourselves walking this pathway, where you create your own reality step by step; a reality of happiness.

Imagine yourselves inter-dimensional, multidimensional. Feel yourselves expanding. Feel how your body grows in all aspects and dimensions. Can you imagine this? Picture yourselves inter-dimensional  andmultidimensional. Now, ask your DNA to allow becoming inter-dimensional. Enable yourselves to remember your inter-dimensional abilities. Allow your DNA expand into your inter-dimensionality; Into your initial memory. Feel the strengths inside your bodies. Adopt these strengths, because they are yours.These are your powerful abilities. Adopt them, and when you leave here today – you'll be different.

Feel how your body expands inside yourselves. Can you feel vibrations inside? Can you feel that your body vibrates in different frequencies? You, dear ones, you are no longer human beings in condensed bodies. You are no longer just the human angels you used to be. You are angles who still exist in a human form. Your bodies vibrate in high frequencies. Feel it, because these frequencies connect you to your inter-dimensionality and to your multi-dimensionality, to your multiple abilities and to your power. They connect you to your initial memory.

Picture yourselves in a world where everyone creates the reality they want to live in. Imagine the love of Home, you can feel it right now, and adopt it to your hearts. This is the initial memory, the memory of Home. Before you arrived here, you asked to keep this memory, and now is the time to connect it. This is the time to connect Home and bring it here – to your physical homes. You can do it! You are already doing it! Can you feel the energy? This is the path you are walking through. 

Imagine yourselves a world where everyone lives within the energy of Home.

How wonderful this is!

Imagine you are connected to all of the abilities you possessed during all of your times on this planet. And now – allow your memory to recall and adopt these abilities. 

Imagine a world where everyone connects with their inner abilities.

How wonderful that is!

Dear ones, I am talking to each and every one of                  you. I'm talking to the ones who don't think they are "like that", and who think they are "not able to". I am talking to the readers who are reading these words for the first time. 

Just imagine… and connect to your initial memory.

Imagine the next time you will arrive here on this planet. Can you picture it? I am telling you that you can plan your next arrival today, and that when you arrive here next time –you will have all of your abilities and powers!

But before the next time – Imagine you can prolong your life expectancy. Imagine that you can rejuvenate your body cells and stay young forever. It is possible!. This is your initial memory. This is the journey to your DNA and to revealing the abilities you used to have. You had the ability to create regeneration. You had abilities of living long and happy lives, dance, laughter and even to be healthy. 

Just Imagine…can you? 

Can you feel what will happen when you do it? When you connect with those abilities and when you arouse the memories to the present? Imagine you are part of the process of creating an exciting period of time. 

Just imagine…

Imagine Peace. Can you feel it when you stand on the top of the high mountain and feel the love of Home? The love of Home is peace. Can you connect with this feeling and bring peace to yourselves, to your surroundings and to your planet? Imagine a world where everyone lives in peace.

How wonderful that is!

I am Kryon, in love with human beings. I am the lover of humanity and I tell you – yes you can! You can do it! All lies within you. All depends on you. Connect with the memory, because it is the memory of who you are. It is the ancient memory. It is the path you will walk through the moment you leave this room.

I am Kryon, in love with human beings. I know whom I'm talking to and I know who is reading my words this very moment, and I tell you: yes you can! You don't have to imagine it. You don't have to picture that you can, because you can!

Believe it! Believe it!Believe it!

And so it is.


Translation: Oded Mostov