keep it simple

Keep it Simple
A Kryon Channel from 27.05.10
Channeled by Dorit Israel
Welcome, I am Kryon of magnetic service.
Dear ones, today again I know who is here, and I'm telling you – there's a lot in common between you, even if you think else wise. I love you for coming here to hear Kryon's message, but even more for being human beings. I am Kryon, in love with Humanity, and you can call me "Humanity's lover".
I am Kryon, I know who is here and what lies on your hearts, and I'll share a secret – not only that I know you, you know me quite the same. I am the one who sends you here and I welcome you back when you return home. You all, dear ones, have made these transitions many times in your lives, whether you know or feel it, or not. I tell you that so it is.
As the channeler previously described, I am not alone here (Kryon refers to the energy that had entered the room earlier). A loving family of each and every one of you is entering this room and you can feel its presence. I will tell you one more thing: The people who intended to come and didn't make it or left earlier – their loving family is here too. Because metaphorically, whoever intended to be here – is indeed here. Energetically – whoever wanted to be here – is indeed here. You can feel this is a loving energy. It will never harm you and came only to love you. It will stay with you as long as you wish and will keep distant – if that is your wish. You decide. You make the rules and not the energy. When I say this, I mean that you have the control over what happens in your lives. Not the energy nor your spiritual guides or even God have that control. God does not control you, and please never let anyone – person or energy – control your life. The choice is fully yours!
There are several things I wish to discuss today. All of them are related to your character, human beings.
When we look at you, we are very proud and love you for all that you do, but many times we laugh or giggle. No intention of mocking you – we will never mock your actions or behavior. We laugh out of love, for you, dear human beings, tend to complicate everything. You address many things as complex and difficult. You sympathize with things that are hard to cope with, difficult to handle and require lots of effort. If something is easy to get, it is usually not honorable or worth anything. You think that in order to earn money - effort making is required. You think you have to work hard to fulfill your designation. Same counts for maintaining good relationships. You think these tasks are complicated and not simple, have many elements and need patterns to fit in. Yes, I know who is here and I tell you, that all you need to do is changing your point of view. Change the perspective you use for looking at your lives, and all of a sudden it will all become simple. Because in a matter of fact – there is no such thing as complexity in your human lives. You just insist on making all the simple things complicated. When doing that, you feel worthy, challenged, and you feel you've accomplished something. Even if you feel winning only when it is not easy for you – you are winners anyway. No matter what you do, the fact that you live here on this planet itself proves you have won. It does not matter how your lives look like nor what you do. You have already won.
All I ask you is to try and examine things differently. Think about the questions and answers given here previously; some of them were given with humor, and this explains what I mean (refers to a conversation that was held earlier that evening). Let us take for instance "Channeling", which was the discussed issue. People address channeling as a complicated thing, which requires a lot of effort making and doesn't suit anyone. "It is something you are born with. You either have it – or not" – you say. You ought to know that it is much simpler. If you want to channel it will happen. If you don't – it won't happen. This is my offer for every field in your lives: check out what is it that you want, and if your will is sincere – things will happen without even noticing and without any added effort. They will happen either if you invest energy, or not. What's preferable? I know what the channeler would choose…
Same thing counts for all other fields of your lives, where you experience difficulties, where you think "they are stronger than us". Nothing is stronger than you.  If you think there is such thing – you enable its control over your lives. Would you prefer pain or joy as the cause that directs your lives? Which one of them gets a bigger place in your mind? Human beings tend to address pain very seriously and give it extra importance, and neglect their happiness. If you change your perspective – your whole lives will change. Isn't it better living happy than painful? Living with laugh rather than sorrow? Of course it is your choice and we will love you anyway.
About the energy
And speaking of the same issue from a different angle, let's discuss energy. What do you know about energy? What do you think energy can do? Well, the energy works in ways people can neither see nor believe. Most people believe only in what they can see or what others have seen and apparently proved in scientific research. I say "apparently" because many researches were proved wrong. If you look back through history you'll see that many thoughts and ideas suggested and researches performed, didn't prove themselves along the way and are considered mistaken because newer things were "discovered" or because the data and facts "changed". So is your belief system. The energy works in ways which are hidden from human eyes. Things are not as mostly seen by humans. The energy can generate processes and make things happen. There is only one condition for the energy to do that: there has to be a Human being to have a will and make an intention.
Are you willing to work with the energy? Do you think the energy can support what you do? Do you feel you can rely on it? I shall let you think about these questions and come to answers from your hearts. Think with the heart, because the right path to choose is the heart's path. There, all the answers and correct decisions exist. The inner test should be the heart's and not the mind's test. I know who is here. I know human beings and in love with them. I love you more than you can even imagine. I know that people like to fit everything in patterns and I know you rely mostly on your common sense rather than your feelings. This is the reason why you tend to complicate your lives instead of making them simple. This is the reason you will not do "odd" actions or try things that are not yet proved, while you could just try and see that things do work. I leave that to your own personal choice.
Traveling in time
And again, more of the same issue from a different scope: what would you think if I said you could travel in time? "Oh, Kryon, this is science fiction", is the answer most people would give. True, you have read books and seen films about these issues. It is true that the book authors and film makers used their wild imagination. But what is this imagination if not an intention to create a new reality? What is this imagination if it isn't an ability to see a bit further? What is the vision you have and for some of you is so clear? Wasn't this vision first of all in your imagination? Does it seem to you that so many films about time-traveling, transitions to other eras, journeys in space, were all done by any chance? Nothing happens just "by chance". Those people with the inspiration to create those movies or write those books did that because they had seen it in their visions, and there was a purpose behind it. I am sure many of you have read the science fiction book "20000 Leagues Under The Sea". Who would have thought back then that these ideas might come true? Many books written as science fiction reflect nowadays the reality by any standard. The reason books and movies are created before their actual time is to create this present reality beforehand. Because nothing happens by chance and because things are synchronized and that is the energy's way of work – all of the seeds planted in those movies and books are becoming, and will continue to become true later in your times. Well, in your current reality there are people who are able to do these travels in time.
So let me challenge you again – what would you say if I offered you to travel through time? Things are not fictive. These are the directions you are headed to in the upcoming years. I am not speaking about the following five years, but some more; nonetheless you can see its seeds sprouting now. You could do time travels which will be varied. You'll be able to go backwards, forward in time, and also to the sides, and this means - traveling between parallel dimensions. Yes, this information might sound strange to some of you, but I tell you that you as human beings live simultaneously in some more dimensions and you are heading to times when you'll be able to travel between them."But Kryon, what is it good for? I can barely manage in my own dimension…" – I hear you say. The answer is – exactly that is the reason why you should want to be exposed to more aspects of your multi-dimensional traits, so you can gather all the knowledge from other dimensions and bring and use it in your own three-dimensional reality. You now live in 3-D, with the abilities to live in many more at the same time. Sounds odd today? Sounds too early? Indeed. But Jules Verne's literature was also ahead of his time and today – reality.
I am telling you, dear ones, that these are the things which are about to happen. Well, what are you going to do with this information? Are you planning to do something with it? Do you think things are very complicated? You might just think they are too simple (Kryon is laughing…).
I advise you to change your point of view and look at things with different proportions and perspectives. Then you'll be able to see that in fact, you are already starting to move between dimensions today. There are people here who dream that they dream; they are in some dimensions in parallel. In their reality – they are asleep and lying in bed. And inside the dream – they are looking at themselves dreaming, and can see the dream. Four dimensions. Well, there are people here who dream such dreams. I know who is here. Know that the ability to experience such things exist when you are awake too. And as I said, these dreams plant the seeds to the reality you are heading too.
We are so excited. An exciting, happy and surprising period is about to come. We are waiting anxiously to see what you are going to do with this information and with your abilities. How you'll progress and where you'll reach. When you decide everything is simple – things will happen quickly. If you look at their complexity, it will take some time and eventually happen… It all depends on you as a collective, but mostly on the lightworkers and what they'll choose to do.
I encourage you to look at your lives from a different angle, for this was my message today: change your point of view, show you that simple things can be mighty and powerful, and hint you about the seeds you are planting today.
We are excited. We look forward to see what you will decide to do. That is why we love you so much. That is why I, Kryon, am in love with human beings.
 Know that I know who you are and I love you, and when we meet next time we will have a lot to discuss...
I am leaving you with great sorrow but with joy as well. The loving family will stay with you as much as you want it here. You can do with this energy as you wish, because you are your lives owners and controllers.
Make wise decisions. Decide using your hearts. Enjoy playing the game you are playing here and above all – know who you are.
And so it is.
Translation by Oded Mostov 


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