Messages for the New Jewish Year

Messages for the New Jewish Year
Kryon's channel from 22.9.11
Channeled by Dorit Israel
Greetings, I am Kryon of magnetic service.
And again, there is much joy whenever Spirit meets human-beings. And again Lemurian singing opens the heart. Let me honor the great priestess with the Lemurian-priest-singing (referring to the singer Meirav Gold who preceded the channeling).
Dear ones, I am not alone here. There is a big entourage coming with me routinely to these meetings with human-beings.
 I am Kryon, in love with human-beings, and I know whom I am speaking to. You all are ancient souls. There is no single young soul in this room. You have all been here many times before, and you all came here this time knowing where you're going to. You knew how you are going to impact the reality and change it. You knew you were lighthouses, and you all are, even if you don't think or aware of it. We are happy to be with you because we know what you've already done, and what the potential is, and it is great. I have spoken about this a lot before, but you people are on the verge of the Mark. The change is already here and you can feel it in your bodies and inside your hearts. You can sense the emotional turmoil and the anticipation.
I know whom I'm speaking to. I know you are facing a new year and I'd like to speak about this year and about what's going to take place along it.
When a newborn comes, everyone in his family anticipates excited to meet him. What character features will he possess?  How will he behave? What will he learn? This is a new beginning for both the baby and his family.
When a new year is in the entrance, you people are all anticipated too. What will it bring? How it'll develop? What kind of character will this year possess? Many questions flood you with the birth of a new year, exactly as they do for parents of a newborn.
Well, can you make those anticipations come real? Can you work correspondingly with the New Year? Will you give it a hand? Will you work out difficulties that may rise along the way? Will you hop over the hurdle? Will you take the leadership to your hands? All these depend upon your choice. But please, don't forget the happiness that comes with the birth of a new child and be happy with the birth of this New Year, because it is different and special than the others, exactly like the new children being born nowadays are more special than the ones you were.
The new children are coming with greater abilities, their veil is becoming thinner and thinner and they're aware of whom they are. This is true about this special year as well. I can say: it knows itself. It contains the Mark. I can say that the veil is thinner, because you're about to discover things you haven't discovered yet. Well, are you happy with this year's big potential?
What is that Mark in this year? Most of you know, think and hear about the year 2012. I have talked about it long ago and numerous times. Here too. Why do I call it 'The Mark'? That is because this is a year of transition. There's an energetic transition: transition of consciousness, of vibrational level, of doing, of understanding and of new insights. I know that many of you and many of the readers wish those times to arrive, ask themselves questions and wonder about what's about to happen. I have said here before, to many people's surprise, that you would not feel any difference. Your lives will not change significantly. Altogether, many changes will take place both for human beings and for the planet. These changes will affect the entire universe. They already affect it. Because – wherever goes your planet, goes the entire universe.
"Well Kryon, what should I expect? What is that surprise this year holds within?" Dear ones, I shall discuss some of the potentials with you today. Some of them are no longer potentials, because they are becoming reality at these very moments.
I said this is a year of transitions. Many of you will experience a rising process of their vibrational level. This is not a slow process, but a leap. I am preparing you for that vibrational leap and it doesn't matter how high your level is today. Everyone shall experience that. The rising comes from your both explicit intention and free will, and agreed with your higher-selves. It's affected by the rising of the planet's vibrations. It includes all human-beings, but light-workers shall feel it more intensely.
You must remember that I've said in this very place, that the earth is in the process of giving birth to itself. I have also said that these are the last contractions before the birth. Well, the year of the Mark is the year of birth. And whenever the earth gives birth to itself, it will be born in higher vibrations. It will no longer be the same earth. You will be able to read about new resources of crystals and quartz in different places. They will discover themselves. You will be able to read about new natural resources. They will show themselves too. The re-birth reveals treasures inside the planet as a result of the vibrational rising. I can also tell you that when you go to some places – the earth will reveal itself for you and you'll be able to see those gems and crystals with your very eyes.
The earth collaborates with you and whenever it gives birth to itself – you will feel it. The vibrational leap is one of re-birth's consequences.
"Kryon, what am I supposed to do with this information?" Possibly, you don't need to do anything, but it may also be that you can take advantage of this information for your higher best, everyone in his own way. That is because it is not only a potential. It's about to happen. "And what about the other potentials, Kryon?" Dear ones, don't rush… Do you remember that I told you not to be marathon runners? (talking about a previous channel) Digest the information and assimilate it, because it's the only way to make it useful for you.
Another potential coming: an opening of new abilities for many people on the planet. Many will start receiving messages and getting insights. For part of the people this may happen all at once. Light-workers are expecting this anxiously… Wait patiently, because this will happen and already is. Your ability to be connected to God, to higher sources, is already here. This ability will open new wonderful worlds before you. Wait joyfully to surprises, because they will come.
And another potential: meeting your siblings from different places in the universe. Some of you have already met them, and fewer people have already seen them too. The usual reaction to those visitors is fear. I tell you: this fear has no place. These visitors come here with intentions of help and support. I know whom I'm talking to and who reads these words and you know exactly what I'm talking about. These meetings will be surprising but full of happiness. It's a reunion with the family. And why do I call them "family meetings"? Think, dear ones: before you came here as human beings, where were you? Did you just come up from nowhere? Why did you come? Why did the ancient souls choose to come here and play this game? And where were them before? It may come as a surprise to some of you, but you have lived in different life forms in different places on other planets. The potential now is to meet your siblings from those planets.
I know what human beings think when they hear about it… The thoughts are that they will abduct you and re-program your thoughts. Stay calm. This won't happen! Your siblings don't come to harm, only to help and support.
And let's get back to my previous question: Why did those brave souls come here and decide to play the game? The answer is: exactly from the same reasons you came here this time. Meet God. Feel God. When you look in each other's eyes you can discover God. And if you examine the relationships between you all human beings, whether you are lovers or enemies, you will understand that you all came from the same reason: To find God again. The potential of meeting God is in the Mark, with the re-birth of the planet. It may sound complicated or not logic to some of you, but I promise you that is the truth.
Have you met God yet? Look forward to meeting God again… Look forward to become God… Look forward to create your reality exactly as God creates it. Look forward to love like God loves. As soon as all human-beings understand they are both God and love – wars shall no longer exist. This is the moment every human-being and us are waiting for. We all await the world peace because it will affect the universe and enable intergalactic peace. Can you believe it? You are those who create this reality!
Remember what you came here to do.
Remember that all is open for you.
Connect to the universal love.
Connect to the God that you are and understand that whoever looks at you is God too.
Bring the world peace.
The potential for that is bigger than ever. This is the way. Accept yourselves with love. Love yourselves exactly like we love you. Forgive yourselves. Love each other like you love yourselves. Together you can bring heaven to earth.
Timing shall be synchronized, because the earth will reveal its treasures to you, when you discover your inner treasures. The planet works synchronically with you. The entire universe responds to what you are doing here.
Dear ones, if you could only see yourselves from God's perspective you'd be surprised and astonished by your colors and by your light. This vision is amazing and admirable.
Great things are to be expected. Wait happily to surprises. Accept and understand what you're going through now. If you remember these are the last contractions of the planet and if you recall what every woman goes through during her last contractions – you shall understand what you all are going through now. Understand the emotional storm and emotional eruption, and understand why you are over sensitive. For that, forgive yourselves and others, because these are the last contractions. Birth is about to take place.
A new dawn is uprising. Accept it happily.
I am leaving you with great love.
And so it is.
Translated by Oded Mostov
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