Ming's story

Ming's Story
A Kryon Channel from 28.10.10
Channeled by Dorit Israel
Welcome, I am Kryon of magnetic service.
Dear ones, big happiness is present here tonight, happiness for the encounter between a human being and Spirit. When Spirit meets human-beings it feels like a wedding and indeed, this is the feeling spread in this room tonight. We are full of happiness with this connection, because Spirit loves when the human being addresses it, and the way you did it tonight was beautiful and inspiring. So we thank you all and we thank the singer (referring to the intuitive singing that previewed the channeling).
I am not alone here. There is an entourage and a loving family here with me. Each and every one of you is surrounded by his loving family; a family that came to say: we are always with you and you are never alone! Indeed, Spirit is always with you even if you neither feel it nor think so.
Dear ones, as you've been told, this is an exciting period; a period of changes, surprises and miracles. Be ready to accept this change and hug it with love, because it will evidently arrive even if you don't accept it with a hug... Please accept the change and relate to it with love rather than fear.
Ming's story
I'd like to tell you a story. This story is real and it happened many years ago in a distant place. This is a story about a young man named Ming.
Ming lived in a village and worked as a farmer together with the rest of the village inhabitants. He woke up to work every day with pleasure, because he knew there was no other choice for him. This work provided for him, for his parents before him and for his grandparents as well. This was his village's tradition and he knew he was going to follow it.
One night a monk appeared in Ming's dream. The monk invited him to take a trip and Ming gladly joined him. They got to a high mountain, and climbed it. Ming noticed the quick and fast climb to the mountain. When they reached its highest top, Ming looked at the view and his heart started beating.
The monk asked: What do you see, Ming? Ming answered: I see villages, streams, plants, mountains. He continued to ask: What do you feel, Ming? Ming answered: I feel that the entire world is in my palm.
The monk smiled and disappeared and Ming woke up.
The dream stayed with him and during his day at work Ming continued to hold the same feelings he had on the top of the mountain.
At night the monk appeared again and invited him for another journey. Ming happily accepted. This time the monk took him to the desert. They started walking in swampy sand, the sun was steamy hot and Ming was sweating and felt how difficult it was to walk. All of a sudden, in the distance, he saw trees. He was surprised – trees in the middle of the desert? The monk looked at him, smiled and started leading him to an oasis. Ming was surprised and charmed. He had never seen such a sight, because he had never left his village before. After this exhausting trip he arrived at a lake of fresh water and trees that gave fruits and shade.
The monk asked him: Ming, what do you see? Ming answered: I see a wonder; I see water in the middle of the desert. I see fruits and trees in the middle of the desert. Who would have believed that?
The monk continued: What do you feel, Ming? Ming answered: I feel I arrived at the most amazing place in the world despite of all the difficulties along the way. I feel I can achieve anything.
With these words the monk disappeared and Ming woke up. Again, he went to the field uplifted and full of joy. He couldn't wait for the next night to come, so he could meet the monk again for another trip. But the monk didn't show up that night, and neither did he come the nights to follow. Ming started giving up. Why he didn't come anymore, he thought. I had such amazing trips; I was flooded with amazing emotions…
Another week had passed before the monk returned to his dream. Ming gladly asked: Where are we going today? The monk replied: Today we are not taking a trip. Ming was deeply disappointed. But why? And the monk said: This time I came to ask you some questions. Have you learned anything from the trips we took? Did you study from what you had seen? Did you learn anything from the feelings you felt? Ming thought and said: Dear monk, I did study some things. I learned that I can conquer mountain tops and feel as if the world is entirely in my hand. I learned that if the road seems tough and I seem to be drowning in it – there is always a solution. I will always find the place that supplies life. I learned that I could change, that I could accomplish anything.
The monk smiled and said: Yes, Ming, indeed you've learned. Now, go and teach others. With these words, the monk disappeared.
Ming woke up in the morning carrying the dream with him. He thought about all that had happened in his dreams and said to himself: My desire is to show people that they can make a real change and show them that they can really conquer mountain tops and feel they have the world in their palms. At this very moment, he made a decision: he packed a bag, said goodbye to his parents and started his journey. Anywhere he arrived, Ming taught the things he had learned in his dreams and soon enough he had people around him, moving with him from village to village. The name of Teacher Ming was spread and well known throughout the entire country. Many wanted him close to them. Many wanted to hear what he had to teach.

As I said before, this story happened many years ago and today I want to ask you, those who are here, and those who are reading this: Do you believe you have the ability to make a change? Do you believe that despite the hardships along the way you will always be able to find life's source? Do you believe you can conquer the highest tops? Do you believe in your ability to make your dreams come true? I know who is here tonight and I know who's reading these words at the moment.

As I told you, this is a blessed and exciting time of changes. Do you flow with them or go against them? I tell you that it doesn't matter which path you choose – Spirit loves you anyway, and will be with you. But isn't it easier to change and conquer difficulties, make dreams come true, and have Spirit support you?
I shall leave each one of you to think about his life and Ming's life… Indeed, Ming's life was simple. He lived in a different period. Your lives seem complicated and full of challenges, hardships and problems, as you like to call them. But if you only try to take a bit of Ming's experience and borrow it to your lives, if you believe in your ability to change, if you just want to make your dreams come true and live in your passion – I promise you that you'll be able to do so and that Spirit will always support you, be with you and even push you towards the goals you shall set for yourselves. This is the promise of Spirit. This is my promise, Kryon, to you, human-beings.
I tell you that you are all dearly loved. I am Kryon, in love with human beings, I am humanity's lover. I know what is in your hearts and I tell you: feel the love Spirit gives you in these moments and take this love with you. Let the love in your heart lead you. Let your heart lead you.
I am deeply sorry to say goodbye, but only for a short while. I promise you that every one of you that addresses me will be given guidance. Yes, I know who is here and I know who reads these words.

And so it is.

translation: Oded Mostov


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