Searching for the Star


Searching for the Star

A Kryon Channeling - 20.11.08

Channeled by Dorit Israel, the Hebrew channeler for Kryon


 Greetings, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Dear ones, I know who is sitting in this room today. Lightworkers are in this room today. Aware people are here today. People with intentions to know more are here today and for that, me and my entourage respect you, bless you and love you all.

As always, a great entourage of loving spirits is here with me today. You'd be able to feel them, if you allow yourselves. Next to each one of you there is a family. It's a family that has already left, but is always next to you, and you can feel its energy. Each and every one of you can feel it. Even if you never felt such energy before. Even if you never thought you are able to feel energy. If you close your eyes, you'd be able to feel it. You might sense heaviness on your heads, or a tender pressure on your shoulders and on your knees.

 Aware people are sitting here. People who have done these things over and over again. Yes, whoever thinks he accidently came here, or came of curiosity only, also you – I know who is here – you came here today because you've done it a lot of times before. I say "you've done it", and I mean that you've been lightworkers many times before. Lightworkers are people with awareness. Lightworkers are people capable of listening to their inner voice and to their surroundings. These are the people sitted here in front of me. Every one of you is a special soul. And whoever is reading this channeling and apparently not here today – these words are aimed to you as well. Your eyes, dear readers, aren't accidently laid upon these words, and the term "Lightworker" describes you as well.

You are situated in a very interesting period of this planet. It's a period of changes, transitions, which you might refer to as "difficult". You especially tend to refer to the economical difficulties. I have said that before, and I shall repeat it today – a difficulty is a relative term. The question that is supposed to be asked is how you analyze this term, how you change it to an opportunity, how you change it to happiness. This is what I want to discuss today. I encourage you to examine the "situation", as you like to refer to it, as a springboard, as a source of new opportunities and changes.

Your financial world is about to go through a radical change. Firms break apart and new ones will rise instead. The new ones will set the honesty and integrity as their leading values. Those who are about to collapse are based upon values of gaining huge profits mainly for their leaders. A fundamental change is about to go through your Economics, and you should understand it correctly. You should see it as a field of opportunities. Instead of running away from investments, I advise you to invest wisely. Invest only in decent companies, those who insist on being honest and have integrity. Invest in those who work for the greater best, and not in those who work to get minorities richer. You know, a firm can be very profitable and still work for the society's interests. These are the places where your money should be invested. I advise you to examine the situation from a different perspective.

 If you examine your national security state – great changes are happening beneath the surface. Changes that you might not be aware of. Things are happening, believe me. All the eruptions you are experiencing are eruptions of the final stage. These are eruptions of people who feel the earth burning underneath their feet; people who prefer darkness upon the light. I assure you, and you can quote me: These things are about to change these following years, and you will live to see that. Whoever hasn't heard yet – the potential is still the year 2012. If you look at what's happening in countries with what you call "dark" regimes (and they are dark indeed), you'd be able to see that there are other forces working their way out from the underground. Opposites to the darkness are arising all over the world, and they'll be out loud more and more in the following years. The change is very close.

If we step outside the general situation to your personal situation – Do you feel that this "situation" affects your personal lives as well? Are you going through a transition, experiencing some kinds of difficulties? Here I suggest that you change your point of view as well. 

I shall tell you a short story. It's a children's tale. Let's call it "The Search for the Star".

This story starts with a little boy, named Gil. Night time, Gil is lying in his bed. The window is wide-open and he is watching the sky. As every night, when he looks at the sky, he sees the same picture – A distant star is shining and calling him. And as every night, before falling asleep, he talks with the star, wishes to visit it and asks to meet it. You know, children have no limits upon their thoughts and their imagination. They believe that they can make their wishes come true. They are right. Gil believes he shall meet this star, and he decides to start a journey in search for the star. This decision is very suitable to children's way of thinking. When he falls asleep, he dreams, and in his dream the star approaches him and says: "Gil, I am here. I am fulfilling your wish. Gil answers: "I am so glad that you came to me, will you stay with me?" The star answers: "Gil, I am always with you. Don't you know that I am a reflection of yourself? You just have to search inside, and you'll find me." The star finishes speaking and disappears.

In the morning, gill wakes up remembering the dream, but not telling anyone about it. And he grows up, turning into a teenager, and the teenager becomes an adult. The dream is long forgotten, so as the star. Gil is now a young man with family, children and financial problems. One night he sits outside, staring at the stars, praying for help. In a glimpse, he suddenly remembers the dream he dreamt as a child. He remembers that the star told him it was inside himself.

Adult-Gil decides to search for this star again. He now knows, that no outer-space journey is required. He has to dive inside. He decides to go through an inner journey. He returns to the times when he was a boy, and remembers how he had no limits, and how wonderful his imagination worked, believing he could reach the star.

Gil decides to make a change in his life. He decides to become who he really is. 

If this story touches your hearts, why don't you look for your inner star as well? Why don't you remember your unlimited abilities? Why don't you remember who you really are, and what you are capable of doing?

Do you remember who you are? I shall tell you only one thing:  if you discover this star and use it, you can create miracles in your lives, regardless of the economical or security state. Regardless of the "state" at all! That's because you can make this change. You have the ability to make a change in yours and others' lives.

I know who you are, and believe me – you can.

And so it is.



Translation: Oded Mostov




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