The soup fable

The Soup Fable
A Kryon Channel from 24.12.09
Channeled by Dorit Israel
Greetings, I am Kryon of Magnetic service.
Dear ones, I know who is here. I know who is reading these words at this very moment – you are also with us now and you can feel the energy as well if you let yourselves feel.
I am not alone here tonight. A big entourage is here with me. A loving family of each and every one of you is here. The loving family is surrounding you and you can feel their love and their energy. You may feel a slight pressure on your heads – I know some of you do feel it; you might feel a tingling or body pressure. Know that this is a loving energy that came here for one reason only: to love you and for you to know that you are never alone. You too, readers would be able to feel the loving energy of the family for they are with you at this very moment.
Beside the loving family of each and every one of you, there is another big entourage here with me. This is a group that came to honor you and support what you are doing. If you could see it, you'd feel the love and respect for you. For each and every one of you, readers too.
I am Kryon. I know who is here. I know who is reading this right now. I know what is inside your hearts. I know why you came here, and I am telling you: You are on the right way, even if you don't think so nor you feel it. You are on the right way because you are the people who create reality, not only yourselves', but the whole planet's too. Because of whom you are and the work you are doing, the great change you've been all expecting – will arrive.
The marker of 2012 is a sign of ending, but of a new beginning as well. Don't listen to the rage prophecies. Don't listen to threats. Don't listen to those who try to scare you. Listen to your hearts! Does your heart tell you the world's ending is close? I don't think so. I know who is here. Your planet is not about to vanish. You are the ones who changed your reality and the 2012's potential still exists: This is a year of change. In your time this is still far – over two years. In my time everything happens now. Some of you already know that time is only an allusion, that it doesn't really exist. I am not human and never been one, and I tell you that time is fiction. Time is a human invention. When a potential exists – it is here and now. The 2012's potential is here and now!
You are on the verge of a new year – even if it is not your new year's (referring to the Jewish new year's that occurs on September), I know for whom I am giving this message – and I want to tell you some things about the upcoming year. This is the year when you'd be able to feel that the 2012's potential is about to come true. I know the lightworkers who are here and reading this message and I tell you – You will be able to see the change. As I've said to my channeler before, there will be a "cosmic explosion". Don't worry; the world is not going to disappear. This will be an energetic "explosion". I am using this word, which might seem "bad" for some of you, but it actually means a powerful energy that will come to earth and every person whose senses and heart are open would be able to feel it. This energy will change processes that are taking place. But as I said before, hidden processes that are happening beneath the surface will start to reveal. It will happen in very "strange" places on the planet, places no one expects or have expected something to happen. When they do – you will understand what I am talking about. When it happens – you'll know that I am saying the truth. I am Kryon. I am in love with human beings, and I'm telling you only the truth. You are the ones who need to feel it inside your hearts. This is where my message is aimed, and not to your minds.
Well, the upcoming year will be very significant. People will not be able to ignore what will be revealed to their eyes. But it is an important year for each one of you personally. It's a year of new beginnings. Each one in his area. Each one and his desires. Each one and his intentions. It's a year which holds new ways for you. The energy will touch and influence you all. Therefore: expect miracles. And as my channeler likes to say: don't expect anything but miracles….
Do you understand the connection between you all? Do you understand the connection between all human beings? I just said that the energy will influence you all, so there must be a connection. Do you know what it is?
I will give you a short fable – and I know who I'm talking to…..
When you are sitting to eat the holiday's meal, soup is usually the first or the second dish, isn't it? Ask everyone who cooks how soup in being made; You put all the ingredients in a pot: several vegetables, meat, spices and water. You cook - and there it is: a wonderful soup. How can it be that water and ingredients, that seemingly lack any connection, create such a wonderful dish?
Do you understand the lesson? We are on Christmas eve. The ingredients of the soup are human beings. What happens when we take all of these excellent ingredients and "cook them in water"? What is that soup? This soup is humanity! Can you identify the different taste of each ingredient in a soup? No. Nevertheless it is tasty. So it is in the humanity's soup as well. You are all parts of this soup. You are all been "cooked" in the same pot, which is the energy of the planet, and you are all connected. Each one with his own flavor. Each one of you adds his flavor to the soup. And together – that gives the final taste to the soup.
Therefore, when the energy comes – it touches everyone, and when something happens – it happens to everyone. In the coming year, which I name "a holiday", you'd be able to taste and understand.
Now, I would like to speak to each one of you personally:
Don't hesitate. Don't examine things logically. Go with your heart, because your heart will lead you forwards. Whatever is unreasonable today - will becleared andunderstood in two or three years. And it is people like you to be credited for. People who create the reality they want to live in and understand who they are and why they came here this time.
Dear human beings, there is a reason why I am in love with you. I am Kryon. I see what's in your hearts and I know who you are and why you came here. I see you in your daily life and I see your struggling. I see your emotions and I love you for what you are doing and for your intentions.
Perhaps you thought you came to hear my words. Know that I and my entourage came to be with you. We came here to tell you how much we love you and proud of you.
It is with great sorrow that we leave now, but part of our energy will stay. If you like to take it home, you can. We would love that.
Know that you are never alone.
Know that you are dearly loved.
And so it is.

Tanslation: Dorit Israel and Oded amaostov



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