Who is God here?

Who is God here?

A Kryon Channeling – 22/05/08

Channeled by Dorit Israel, the Hebrew channeler for Kryon



Greetings, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I know you have been waiting for a surprise, and I know that the channeler is waiting anxiously to see how I am going to surprise her (Kryon is referring to Dorit's comment before the channeling), but I am asking you, the channeler, to calm down. I am not going to surprise you in a way you won't be able to cope with, but indeed – we are going to talk about surprises today.

 After this introduction, which was aimed for the channeler, I want to tell you, dear ones – Those who are here tonight, and those who are reading these words at this very moment, for you are here with us as well, and it makes no difference when you are reading this message – I want to tell you that I know who you are, for we have met many times before, and I would like to remind you who you are.

 Do you remember that you are Human Angels? Do you remember where do you come from? Do you know where you are heading to? Do you realize the complete meaning of the term "Human Angel"? I know that some of you do. But I also know that some of you – also those who do know, do not understand the full meaning of this term.

In order to explain it, I will soon tell you a short story, but before that, I want to tell you, that I am not alone. There is a very big entourage here, and the channeler can assure you that this group has been waiting here for long hours. It's a group that came here especially for you. Your names had been written here long before you arrived, and long before the channeler knew who is about to come. For you know – cancellations and people who intended to come tonight and couldn't make it – are not by chance. Nothing happens without a reason, as it was said earlier in this room. Yes, I know what was said here. I have been waiting here for long, waiting for my turn with love and patience.

 Well, the entourage here with me is the loving family and whoever wants will be able to feel its presence. You can feel how it is hugging you tenderly, pressing on your shoulders, sitting on your head. You might feel certain heaviness. Maybe some tingling in your hands or vibes through your bodies. This is the energy of the Family, and it is here to tell you – We love you. I love you. All of your loved ones, who have left you, are here tonight and if you wish to – you can feel them.

 This is not a place to be sad at. This is the place of great joy and happiness for the great reunite of the family. It is very proper that the family will be with you here. And I will tell you one more thing: The family and I, and the entourage here with us, we all love you, respect you and adore you more that you can even imagine. 

 Do you think you love God? You should know that we look at you the same way, because you are human angels. The human angel is very very special. He is special because he chose to be so. He chose to come here. He chose to live this life on the planet. He chose to change his life. He chose to feel. He chose to feel pain, anger, frustration, to have worries, to forgive, to love, to be happy, to laugh. We cannot feel this variety of feelings. We live in frequencies that vibe on love frequency only. We don't experience the interesting life you do, a life that you like to refer to as "difficult".  I have asked you before to change the terminology from "difficult" to "interesting", because despite all the difficulties you experience during your life – your ability is to change, to create your own reality, to do things you think only God is able to do. This ability is at your service as well, and that is why we appreciate you so much.

 I feel that there are ones who do not believe in that. I feel that some of you examine these words and tell yourselves:  "That doesn't make any sense…" But I would like to tell you: not everything should be examined through the rational prism. You should examine the things through the membrane of your heart, to check how you feel towards them. Let your heart lead you. Reconnect the inner child – and such a child is here with us tonight (Kryon is pointing at one of the guests). Connect to the inner place which allows unlimited opportunities, happiness, joy of playing. For what you are doing here on this planet is playing a game, the game of life. Why don't you play it the best way you can? Why don't you change the places you're not satisfied with? Why don't you just wake up and walk away? 

 Now I shall tell you the story.

It is a story about a six-years-old girl. Her name is Orit. You are human beings, and you need to name everything, so we shall call her – Orit. Orit is six years old and she's playing dolls in her room. She organizes them: she has a father-doll, a mother-doll, children-dolls, and she plays the life of this family. Dad is talking to mom, mom shouts at dad. Dad is telling something to the younger child and mom is speaking with the older one. Orit is speaking the family dolls, like all children love to do. She is the manager of their lives..

Orit is God, and she feels she is God. She feels she has the ability to manage the lives of her dolls.

 Afterwards, she goes outside to play outdoors, and she takes those feelings with her. Because she feels she is God, and she is only a child – she doesn't define God. You know, children do not tend to define things, only adults use categories and definitions. Only adults match their life experiences into specific patterns. Kids don't have these patterns yet. Everything's open to them.  Orit feels that all potentials are opened for her. She feels she can do everything and she starts thinking about her own life.

A six-years-old girl is starting to think about her own life! Could you believe that?

Whoever has children this age know that what I am telling you here is these kids' reality. They know exactly where do they come from, and where they are going to. 

You know that I am telling only a story, but all of its elements are reality-based. You will soon understand why I'm telling you that story.

Well, Orit feels that everything is open for her, and she knows she is going to take over the world. How? She doesn't know. But she is convinced that this is what's going to happen, and with this feeling she returns home and say to her parent:  "You know that I am God, right?"

What would you do if your child came and told you he is God? Most of the parents would try to check what happened to their child. What is "the matter with him", like you like to call that. They'd try to convince him or her to think otherwise, to prove him that he's wrong; he is not God because in this house – the parents decide!

But if you are parents of an "other type", you would say to your child: "Of course you are God, like we are God too". 

Did it came to your mind that you'd be able to say those words? Not many parents can. Not many people can admit: "I am God". "I am able to take control of my life". "I can create my own reality, exactly like God does".

Orit's parents where different people, and they respond: "Of course you are God. What would you like to tell us as God?" And Orit replies: "I know what we have to do". And her parents cooperate and tell her: "Come and tell us what to do". And Orit says: "We have to smile, laugh and dance every day."

 Now you might tell yourselves: "Ok, these are children's words."

Well, listen: if you looked at these things from a different perspective, you would say that it is the right place to connect and live life according to. The place of joy, dancing and laughter, the place of the child; this is the right way to live life. And if we adopt this aspect, life doesn't seem so bad anymore. 

Can you dare say these words to yourselves?

Can you dare and say to yourselves: "I am who I am. I know who I am. I am God".

Can you say that with full honesty and completeness? Can you say that with zero pride, arrogance, and ego? Can you say that from the place in your heart who deeply knows who you are?

For you are all God. You are human angels. your little children or grandchildren know who they are. They know they are God. Let them be God. Let yourselves be God. Let yourselves make the correct choices, to change whatever you don't like and to create the reality you want to live in. 

And surprise – you can do it! You definitely can!

I am Kryon, I know who you are. I am part of God, and I am telling you that you are God. Can you carry these words? Let them sink deep inside your bodies. Feel their deep meaning.

Let yourselves. Let yourselves.

I am saying goodbye, for a short period, with big sorrow and big love, and I ask you: Be God.


And so it is.



Translation: Oded Mostov






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