working together

Greetings, I am Kryon of magnetic service.
Whether you are familiar with this term or not – it doesn't matter. What does matter is that I, Kryon, am in love with human beings and you can call me "Humanity's Lover".
When I say that I'm in love with human beings, it means that I'm in love with each one of you, and even if you think we don't know each other – we actually do. We have met many times before and we shall meet again. If you think you came here just out of curiosity – I'm telling you that something has led you here. If you think that these words are not aimed to you – I ask you to open your heart and let them in, because the energy here is the energy of love.
I'm not alone here and with me came a large entourage. Each one of you is surrounded by a loving family. You can feel it. It touches you right now. Squeezing your head or patting your hands. Let yourselves feel the loving energy of the family.
I am Kryon. I know who is here. I know who reads these words. You are all lightworkers, even if you don't believe it. Even if you don't think you are – this is who you are. You came here this time because you wanted to be present in this exciting period, the most exciting in the history of your planet. You have changed the reality of your lives. You are now walking on a new way, in which you are creating your reality step by step. Along this way, dear ones, I suggest: don't go alone. Work together and cooperate, because the energy of the group influences much more than that of the individual.
I would like to tell you a story:
In other times and distant place there was a village. The people who lived there were farmers and they grew vegetables and fruits. They made a living of these crops and once a week, sometimes more, they went to the nearest town and sold some of it. With the money they earned they bought what they needed. The people of this village lived in harmony and peace for many years, and that is how they raised their children. One day, some strangers came to the village and decided to settle down there. The farmers welcomed the strangers, as they were hospitable and warm people. The strangers built their houses in the village, but decided to build bigger and fancier ones. They also decided not to be farmers but do other things. They wanted to prove that they are better and bigger than everybody else.
At first, the farmers were wondering about that, but as time passed - they thought: well, we could live like that as well. We can build bigger and spacious houses and do other occupations than farming. The years went by and the small village lost its uniqueness. But that was not all. A competition had begun: whose house was bigger and fancier and who was more successful. This competition created arguments: who would decide, who would rule. The life in that village went from being harmonic and peaceful to competitive and full of fight. The village was no longer the same. Some of the people left it. You could say that this place had disappeared and instead - there was a new civilization. The former village as it used to be, had been extinct.
Well, I'm sure that if you examine the history of humanity, you can find parallelism to the story I just told you: civilizations that disappeared because of competition over control that led to quarrels and fights. One of these civilizations was Atlantis. There are some people who claim it's a legend. Some of your scientists are sure of it. I'm telling you: it's no fiction. In the technologic aspect, it was a very advanced continent and people lived there in harmony and peace, until a group of people decided it was better and stronger and wanted to rule the others. It was a spiritual competition that led to the disappearing of the continent.
This story and its historical lessons should light a memory's bulb in human beings' heads. You are in different days now. It is an exciting period, as I said. You changed your reality and along with it should come a change in this competitive situation as well as in the will to control others. You have already understood that this situation can bring a disaster. This is one of the reasons that you, as a collective, have changed your reality. Now is the time to step forward. Now is the time to reach each other and understand that you are alike, even if you are different. It's time to understand that God is in each and every one of you. Therefore - work together for a common purpose.
The common purpose is simple and clear: peace on earth. The aim is to bring Heaven into your current life. Why wait until your transition if you can live in peace and harmony right now, while you are in a living body? This will happen when you work together. Do meditations together, make intents for the higher best of all humanity, walk along your way with passion, joy and dance and open your hearts. Then, you see that leaders who act otherwise will not survive. The light's energy will not allow dark places to exist. Whoever decides he is the dictator and the others are lower than him – will not survive. I know who I'm talking to. I know your people had already experienced it. I promise you, dear ones, this experience will not repeat itself. Whoever threatens to destroy another nation – will change or not survive.  
You are in a different period now; therefore, I encourage you, dear ones: work together. Cooperate. Send your light to the dark places on the planet and you will be able to see the consequences from this year.
I know who is here. Lightworkers are here. I will remind you again: lightworkers - work with your light, because this is the way to achieve the reality you want so much.
I'm leaving you now, but the loving energy that you feel will stay here as long as you want.
Remember that you are dearly loved.
Remember that you are never alone.
Remember that you are light.
And so it is. 
 translation: Dorit Israel and oded mostov
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