working together


Working together


Dear ones,


The action of one human being is important and useful, but the great power exists when you work together. Together – your light has a greater volume, more power and more influence. When you work together, you speed up your influence.


We advise you to come together and make a change. When lightworkers assemble, their frequencies join and create larger vibrations, which influence the whole surroundings with much power.

If you want to make a change in your living area – do it together.


The actions of many individuals cannot be compared to actions of many groups. One beam of light can show the way. Many beams together show the whole view. Your flashlight is important and useful but the light bulbs are useful much more.


Every time lightworkers assemble and act for a certain goal, they are lighting it up strongly and home in on it. Therefore, meditate together, send light together, set your common intents together and your strength will be a very influential factor with the change you want to achieve.


We don't want to discourage you and we encourage you to send your light even as individuals. Each act is important. Every intent influences your reality. But there is no substitute for the influence and the power of working together.


Even two lightworkers can be powerful, but as large as the group – larger is the strength, and the influence as well.


We encourage you to work together.

We encourage you to work as individuals.

We bless you.

You are blessed.

And so it is.









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